Cellphone Cufflinks

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  • Cellphone Cufflinks
  • Cellphone Cufflinks
  • Cellphone Cufflinks
  • Cellphone Cufflinks
  • Product ID:CD-047
  • Dimensions:3/4" x 3/8"
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Product Description

Whether you’re the leading cellphone sales rep on your team, the owner of a top telecom company, or just a fan of cellular phones this pair of chrome cellphone cufflinks are sure to impress. They're meticulously crafted from rhodium-coated silver and each of the standard buttons are clearly visible as well as the antenna coming out the top. Sure they aren't modern, but it's that vintage appeal that makes this cufflink pair desirable and a lot of fun to wear. They probably aren't your first pick for a formal affair, but will be right at home in a more laid-back setting.

What People Like About This Product:

These cell phone cuff links are so playful. I find it interesting how whimsical these cuff links are as they are very interesting to look at.

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