Titanium Cufflinks

So, why titanium cufflinks? Titanium is the perfect material for you if you are looking for innovative cufflinks that are extremely light weight, durable, hypo-allergenic, etc... In fact, titanium is probably the only element that offers the unique combination of beauty, strength, light weight and bio-compatibility. As a result, titanium now commands the highest levels of quality for many consumer product industries. So, if you are looking for a contemporary material that is as strong as it is beautiful, then titanium links are perfect for you. Cuff-Daddy boasts the lowest prices on the net so shop with confidence.

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Titanium has replaced many sterling silver choices in recent years. It is a hardy, durable material that stands the test of time perfectly. Consider titanium cufflinks to be traditional, yet different. For example the titanium carbon fiber design uses carbon graphite for the black material centered in a rectangular titanium cuff. It is unique because the graphite is bonded to the titanium instead of welded or glued on.

Another interesting and innovative set is the titanium and rubber, which is designed in a barrel form with flat ends and two rubber bands going around them. While stylistically they are not intricate like a dragon, they are every bit as stunning and pleasing to the eye.

Titanium is not only great for weddings in terms of cufflinks, but also for the upper class businessman. Their sedate appearance ensures you are not too flashy at the office, yet you are clearly showing your taste and style. With many contemporary designs, you can reflect your businesses contemporary appearance in your cufflinks from Cuff-daddy.com. Whether you wish to have a square, round, or barrel design there is definitely something in this category for you or for a gift to your favorite person. Titanium art set is one example of simplicity yet stylish. Rounded titanium is used for the base, with a black inner eye, and a titanium pupil.

If you want a bit more color consider the semi-precious titanium design that uses Hematite for the center and titanium square for the base of the set.