Onyx Cufflinks

Onyx cufflinks have always been the mainstay in men's formal fashion. We often call black stones onyx, but what are they really? Onyx is considered a type of chalcedony stone. It crystallizes in order to form the black onyx stone that is polished and sold in jewelry, accessories, and on buttons. If you enjoy a beautiful dark stone, then you might consider black onyx as the perfect choice. Onyx can be made to shine or be slightly dull depending on choice. It can also be part of silver plating like the Sterling Silver plated Onyx formal set. This perfect wedding set is a rounded cufflink with silver stud, and a plate of onyx rather than a fully rounded stone. Another choice is the domed onyx which does offer a little more in the silver plating, and it is still a formal look. Onyx can be made into a variety of shapes like rectangular bars or oval shapes with a double black covering on the cufflink. You also have the choice of going with a mosaic of semi-precious striped onyx that is not only black onyx but other forms of chalcedony.

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If you want to combine two great elements of nature for your wedding or formal attire cuff-daddy.com offers the onyx and mother of pearl tab set. This set offers a rectangular tab combining two outstanding luxury minerals into one piece. There is a similar set with these two minerals in a rectangular form with stripes too.

If you are looking for an elegant set of cufflinks in the color black, then you've found the perfect material: onyx. Naturally occurring, onyx has forever been used to accessorize mens and womens wardrobes. Extremely durable, authentic onyx is the perfect choice in men's and women's cufflinks. Whether it is used as the featured element in tuxedo formal sets, in cufflinks and studs, or simply onyx cufflinks you can't go wrong with this material. Cuff-Daddy is a perfect choice of a supplier too. A free shipping offer and satisfaction guarantee makes us stand out amongst the competition.