Adjustable Collar Stays in Metal

Collar stays are referred to by many different names.  The best collar stays are actually adjustable.  Collar bones, stiffeners, collar sticks, bones, knuckles or tabs are just some of the many.  Either way, these shirt accessories are a must-have accessory for any man.  Throw out those cheap plastic collar stays that warp at the dry cleaner and ruin your otherwise polished look.  Instead, keep a set of these in your closet and slide them into any dress shirt or French cuff shirt for the perfectly shaped collar.  My best advice, buy discount metal and steel collar stays.  I'm always amazed at the site of expensive collar stays for sale.  Some are made from titanium or sterling silver, but the truth is, they are always hidden.  Save your money for a nice set of shoes (or cufflinks). offers a unique option in that they have numerous cufflinks to fit your style, taste, and personality. You might decide you need a little more than cufflinks for your French shirt or dress shirt. If so, you might be in the market for collar stays.

Collar stays also known as stiffeners, collar bones, collar sticks, knuckles, or tabs are often plastic. They help keep your collar in line so you are able to wear your dress shirt with ease and comfort. With the perfect shaped collar your photos will turn out great for a wedding or other event.

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The great thing about collar stays is that they are invisible. They are going to hide under your collar, but that does not mean you should go with the cheap plastic tabs you can buy. Plastic wears down and it can break. The wrong storage such as humidity and heat can have the plastic warping and this takes away from the very premise you are trying to gain with collar stays.

Here you can find two options in metal collar stays. They are affordable, while maintaining the perfect collar shape you need. Since you won’t see them there is no reason to spend a huge sum on silver or titanium. Instead, you can go with a simple metal like brass or stainless steel. They are durable, without being expensive. You can adjust them to fit your needs, but always have that perfect collar for pictures or just for comfort and looks.