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Unique Ladies Cufflinks: Cufflinks may not be traditionally considered to be something that women wear but there are many traditional things about women that have been proven to be wrong. After all, why should women not have the right to wear cufflinks? For that matter, why are there so few cufflink retailers catering to their female clientele?

We, at Cuff-daddy.com believe women to be just as capable and just as deserving as the men. This is why we have a whole collection of cufflinks dedicated solely to the fairer sex. The designs are all feminine and delicate – exactly what the modern woman wants from her cufflinks.

Whether it is the silk blouse that you are wearing or another blouse with French cuffs, you know that you will find those perfect cufflinks to complete your entire look. Cufflinks have long been associated with a higher status which makes them ideal for you if you want to impress people at work. Why should women be deprived of this little advantage?

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The majority of these cufflinks are so subtle and classy that they can be used in official and professional setups very easily. However, that does not mean that your playful and witty nature will be left by the wayside because there are also some cufflinks that will appeal to that side of your personality.

Imagine going on a special date with a man you absolutely adore while wearing bright red Lips Cufflinks which are both suggestive yet subtle. On the other hand, you as a man can probably gift these or a more subtle flower cufflink pair to your date to see how she reacts to them.

Women need a place to shop for cufflinks! Too often, cufflink retailers forget about ladies. For example, it is important to know if a cufflink set is heavy or light weight, because that let's you know if it can be worn with an expensive silk blouse without pulling at the French cuffs. While most cufflinks are unisex, we've collected the ones that most ladies agree work well with women's fashion. Make sure you see the multiple pages of products designed with the woman consumer in mind. Don't find what you like? Please tell Cuff-Daddy via email so that we can get them for you. While most of the styles below will shine in a professional environment, some are just funny cufflinks to lighten the mood at the office.