Way Too Blue

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  • Way Too Blue
  • Way Too Blue
  • Way Too Blue
  • Way Too Blue
  • Product ID:CD-140
  • Dimensions:3/4" x 5/8"
  • Retail Price:$44.99
  • Our Price:$22.99
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Product Description

These way too blue cufflinks are pretty awesome.This particular set uses a series of fiber optic glass accents to create a two-tone blue appearance. Depending on how the light hits the cufflinks, you will notice different shades and hues which is pretty cool. You'll see a shift and change of colors that make the set more entrancing. This set is ideal for use with various fabrics and outfits.

What People Like About This Product:

The blue shade of these cufflinks catch the eye immediately, and match much of my wardrobe perfectly. I can see myself wearing these to tons of different occasions, I love the versatility.

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