Functional Cufflinks

Watch, Clock, USB, Compass Cufflinks: Everything in this world is not about style and fashion. In fact, the truly experienced and intelligent people tend to favor things that combine both style and substance in the most seamless way possible. However, it is not easy finding things that can bridge the big divide between functionality and aesthetics.

At, however, we have you covered. Here, you will find cufflinks that are built for more than just their primary purpose of keeping your cuffs tidy. These cufflinks serve you in other ways that will quickly become relevant to your daily routine.

For instance, if you are known for being a stickler for punctuality, why don’t you show the world how much you value punctuality with working watch cufflinks? As you wear your working watch cufflinks to a party or even your workplace, your colleagues, associates, and subordinates will get the hint and will never be late to a meeting with you ever again.

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There are other ways through which your cufflinks can help you in your daily life. Imagine a cufflink in which you can store your data. Does it sound hi-tech and something out of a Bond movie? It is. Get USB flash drive cufflinks and be free of that ever elusive and evasive USB hard drive that you keep losing.

Your flash drive will never leave your sight as it hangs from your sleeves. This is something that you simply cannot pass especially if you are computer whiz and love your technology. Look great while storing in high fashion! 

Who said cufflinks were boring and for old men? At Cuff-daddy, not only will we help you look great but we even have pairs of cufflinks that match the style your favorite watch. Simply browse though our functional cufflinks section and admire our fabulous selection of watch cufflinks, compass cufflinks and more.