Sometimes we over-think fashion, which is why silk cufflinks are often overlooked. We here at Cuff-Daddy prefer a solid set of barrel silk knot cufflinks. Far more sturdy than your average double knot silk cufflinks (aka. monkey fists) these are sure to compliment your wardrobe for many years to come. Perfect with a silk blouse on a breezy summer day or with a seersucker suit you cannot miss with silk cufflinks.

Cufflinks can be made out of various materials and one that is full of luxury is silk. For hundreds of years silk has been in demand and its fine quality makes it even more desirable. With silk accessories you are combining luxury with soft, delicate material that will last. Silk as a material can be dyed to become any color you wish, which also adds to the beauty and choices you have at In fact you could have an entire rainbow of colors for each day of the week or every party you might attend.

Silk cufflink sets are designed in the form of a knot. The knots are attached to a roll of silk offering a pretty design. With your rainbow of colors from orange, green, yellow to red you will definitely be able to find something for every occasion.

Do you have a black and white event to go to? Sometimes you might with weddings or a black tie event. You can go with the black and white silk knot which adds a layer of pizzazz to the look. This same style comes in navy and white, and brown and white. Perhaps you are not a fan of every color, but specific one’s? Going back to the yellow option you have a nice deep yellow or mustard yellow. You also have a dark green or spring green, which means you have more than just one color in a range of yellow, green, red, blue or any other rainbow choice.

Our favorite is our silk knot gift sets that include 5 pairs of silk knot cufflinks in a handy travel case. How cool is that?

Silk Cufflinks

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