Why enamel cufflinks you might ask? Well, it's simple. Enamel provides luxurious, rich color and incomparable durability. When we need to add bright, bold colors to a cufflink design, enamel is the first material to come to mind. OK, here's how it works. You start with a glass "paste" and adhere it to a metal surface through extremely high temperatures. The result is a resilient material and a contemporary cufflink. In the spirit of full disclosure, Cuff-Daddy didn't invent this process, we just perfected it. The ancient Egyptians invented this process in the 15th century -- they did it without heat.

Gold plated, sterling silver, and crystals are certainly choices you have in cufflink sets; however, you can also step outside the norm in order to gain more style. With enamel cufflinks you have a variety of design and colors you might not see with some of the other choices.

You can choose a design that means something to you or something that you like. For example if you are a quilter and a modern woman you might prefer the quilted cufflinks in pink or green. You have a quilt like pattern that offers varying shades of green or pink depending on your color preference. These are square links, but you also have other enamel varieties at cuff-daddy.com which provide different styles such as a rectangle.

If you want a slimmer style consider the Argyle set in black and white which is more of a rectangular shape or perhaps the lines metal. This pair offers black and gray enamel with a silver rectangle the lines sit on.

Some might seem a little mundane in their appearance or perhaps you just prefer vibrant colors with a bit of whimsy. If this is the case consider the Royal Crown in red. You can always show your royal side with these stunning and unique cufflinks.

A most intriguing set is the layered enamel, which is delicate in appearance as well as stunning with its medieval art look. The detailing of this set with red layering is definitely going to be the talk of your party or water cooler, depending on if you wear them to work or for fun.

Enamel Cufflinks

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