Liquor Cufflinks

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  • Liquor Cufflinks
  • Liquor Cufflinks
  • Liquor Cufflinks
  • Liquor Cufflinks
  • Product ID:CD-769
  • Dimensions:1" x 1/2"
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Product Description

Now this one is more specific than the “hammered and plastered” design. You can’t deny that a bottle or two is one of the good ways to celebrate a Friday night after a week’s worth of work load. For the enthusiast, it might just be one of the best gifts, for the moderators, probably a good symbol (or signal) for a Friday night’s happy hour and for the no-drinkers, might be a simple gesture and advice to chill. Whether or not this 1”x1/2” rhodium silver pair is a symbol for booze, it does not always mean that it defines you. Who knows, you might just like novelty design (as if ;)).

What People Like About This Product:

These are cute and creative cuff links with purpose. Booze lovers and party goers would enjoy them, as would onlookers.

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