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Wedding Cufflinks, Unique Groomsman Gifts, and Wedding Party Gifts

In a standard wedding a groomsman or usher is one of the male attendants to the groom in a wedding ceremony. Usually the groom selects his closest friends and/or relatives to serve as a groomsmen, and it is considered an honor to be selected. From his groomsmen,the groom chooses one to serve as best man. The duties of a groomsman typically include some or all of the following:

  • Helping the best man plan the infamous Bachelor Party / Stag Night / Buck's Night for the groom
  • Helping relax the groom
  • Ushering guests to their seats before the ceremony
  • Escorting the Bridesmaid down the aisle during the ceremony and reception
  • Delivery speeches and toasts (however, this duty is usually performed by the best man)
  • and sometimes dancing with bridesmaids and other single female guests at the reception

The groom may also designate other male friends or relatives to act as ushers, whose main task is ushering guests to their seats before the ceremony.

Recommended Wedding Party Gifts

To show his appreciation and gratitude, the Groom will traditionally purchase gifts (aka. Wedding favors) for his Best man and Groomsmen.  These gifts are generally known as groomsmen gifts or wedding party gifts.  Groomsmen gifts serve as a thank you to all the Groomsmen or ushers who take the time and expense to be a part of your wedding celebration.  Providing an appropriate groomsmen gift is also a way to commemorate the special day for many years to come.  Traditionally, the Groom will give a gift to his father, the bride's father and the ringbearer. 

As important members of your bridal party, the best man and groomsmen deserve gifts that portray the groom's gratitude. A little thought goes a long way with groomsmen gifts. Your gifts will act as a long-lasting memory of the excitement and anticipation of your wedding day. Some of the best gifts include those that are individualized for each guy; think of each groomsman's interests and give a gift that is along the same theme.  Many incorrectly believe that all of the groomsmen gifts must be identical, but that is absolutely false. 

Here at Cuff-Daddy, we don’t want you to go broke taking care of those that are near and dear to you.  We also recognize that many grooms (sorry guys, but it is true) have a “tendency” to do things last minute.  Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.  We carry a deep selection of all of our wedding favors and cufflinks.  We now OFFER IMMEDIATE WEDDING DISCOUNTS on each product page towards the bottom of the page.  Now you don’t have to wait to request wedding discounts through Cuff-Daddy.  Instead simply input your needed quantity and review the discounts you’ll receive.  Take your savings and buy a bottle of Champagne, on us!  Now, enough talk, let’s shop!  Here are some of our recommendations:

Unique Cufflinks

aa.jpgWe offer over 500 different cufflink styles so odds are we have a set for your groomsmen. You canít go wrong with a set of novelty cufflinks. We offer over 100 different styles of funny cufflinks so you can definitely have fun gifting. Each set arrives in a handsome chrome box that snaps tight to protect your treasure.

y.jpg Good news guys, no gift wrapping required! In addition to the fun cufflinks, we carry many elegant styles and specialize in fiber optic designs. Fiber Optic catseye glass is made by fusing millions w.jpg of fiber optic glass strands together, which creates glass that changes color when seen under different lighting conditions. It is a complex manufacturing process, but if done correctly, you end up with a brilliant set of cuff links.

Matching Silk Tie and Cufflinks in Gift Box

q.jpgThis is the perfect idea to outfit the entire wedding party! Weíve done countless numbers of weddings with these lovely sets. Each set includes a 100% silk necktie, matching silk cufflinks, with a matching presentation box with integral silk wrapping. We have 36 different styles so most likely one will work for your wedding.

The silk in our necktie originates in Asia, which produces the finest silk in the world. Our high-quality silk is then hand-sewn by one of eight workers in a company known for its accomplished craftsmen and seamstresses.u.jpg Completely hand-tailored of heavyweight 100% silk, renowned for its superior luster and richness, the tie has a traditional lining, so the tie has uncommonly fine drape, a larger and more sculpted knot when tied, and a more precise fit. We boast the highest quality silk with the proper thickness and weight to ensure that you are able to tie the textbook Windsor know with a dimple in it.

Tuxedo Cufflink & Stud Sets

jj.jpgWe offer incredible discounts on menís formal sets because we want to serve your wedding. One of my personal favorites is the classic silver-plated woven knot set a rhodium silver setting. We have this style in gold too! l.jpg This is a great set for the individual or a complete wedding party. Each set is finished by hand to ensure a quality; lasting pair and arrives in a handsome gift box.

If you enjoy onyx and gold, then we have a Black Onyx and Gold Plated Cufflink and Stud Set just for you. I love the detailed edging on this unique onyx set. We carry these in a silver setting as well. Just like all of our sets, these are hand finished to ensure quality, and they arrive in an attractive gift box.

v.jpgLast, but not least, we have a set for those a bit more daring. If you like a little bling to make your special day ďpopĒ, we are proud to offer the Black Crystal and Cubic Zirconia CZ Silver Cufflink & Stud Set. Cubic zirconias and black crystals adorn this classic set of silver cufflinks and studs. Incredible detail and workmanship are displayed in each menís formalwear set. Imagine the entire wedding party wearing theseÖ

Miscellaneous Gifts (Flasks, Corkscrews, Cigar punches)

b.jpg OK guys, time to think outside the box. Hmm, do the groomsmen enjoy a nice single-malt scotch drink or do they wince like it is Jagermeister? If they are the former, how about a nice flask? We have a few styles for sale.

m.jpg Alright, level two. Can your best man taste difference between Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon? If so, he would love our Jet Set Waiter's Knife & Corkscrew that arrives in a handsome gift box.

a.jpgAlright, last but not least. You probably know a guy that seems to have everything. Most of your friends probably donít have a luxurious Leather Valet Tray. It is definitely a luxury and a nice one.

Custom Tinted Groomsmen Formal Sets to Compliment Your Bridesmaid’s Gowns

Custom Tinted Groomsmen Formal Sets Struggling to find the appropriate cufflink and studs sets for the groomsmen in your wedding party? We now offer formal sets in every color of the rainbow! Remove the guesswork and custom-tint the cufflinks and studs for your wedding party. All you need to provide is a one inch swatch of fabric to make your wedding day truly special.

Custom Tinted Groomsmen Formal SetsOur manufacturing team will custom color 4 sets of cufflinks and studs and ship them out in gift boxes. The groom gets an onyx set to make him stand out from the crowd. All 5 sets (4 color, 1 onyx) total $289.00 plus shipping and handling. Have more groomsmen? Just add $50/set for each additional groomsmen over four. Please allow 3 weeks for delivery.


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