Ribbed Rounds

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  • Ribbed Rounds
  • Ribbed Rounds
  • Ribbed Rounds
  • Ribbed Rounds
  • Product ID:CD-261
  • Dimensions:5/8" x 5/8"
  • Retail Price:$59.99
  • Our Price:$28.99
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Product Description

With only a 5/8" diameter, Ribbed Round cufflinks make a bold fashion statement. These affordable cufflinks accentuate the meticulous care that you have given your formalwear. The diagonally cut-out fascia presents a unique twist on cufflink design. This pair of cufflinks features a high-grade rhodium silver mount that glistens under bright lights. Pair these cufflinks with dark colored dress shirts and suit coats to maximize aesthetic appeal. Present the fashion gift in the ornate gift box that doubles as a sturdy storage unit protecting these cufflinks from the elements.

What People Like About This Product:

The ridges in these ribbed cuff links make a simple design turn into something that is visually appealing. Something about these cuff links emit a very natural feel to them despite how simple the design is. I also love the silver look.

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