Yellow Peacocks

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  • Yellow Peacocks
  • Yellow Peacocks
  • Yellow Peacocks
  • Yellow Peacocks
  • Product ID:CD-179
  • Dimensions:11/16" diameter
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Product Description

Peacocks are bold, proud creatures and that's exactly how you'll feel with the yellow peacock cufflink set. It's a mix of oranges, yellows and pinks that blend for an interesting effect. These scalloped cufflinks are waved out just like a fan of peacock feathers and each of the enamel inserts used to create the effect are shiny and intricate denoting the quality of the build. You'll look and feel great with these cufflinks at the sleeves of your French blouse or dress shirt. The accessory goes well with orange, yellow or pink shirts, and is something that will certainly stand out.

What People Like About This Product:

I like the use of intense color in these cufflinks. They really catch eye. I like how the colors fan off like a peacocks feathers.

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