Pink Peacocks

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  • Pink Peacocks
  • Pink Peacocks
  • Pink Peacocks
  • Pink Peacocks
  • Product ID:CD-178
  • Dimensions:11/16" diameter
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Product Description

Bring with you the beauty of peacocks wherever you go with these intricate cufflinks. They feature a ribbed and fanned design with a blend of pink and purple that's both exotic and feminine at the same time. They pair well with deep or light colored French blouses. Each of the ribs is crafted from bright colored enamels and the silver accents are made from rhodium-coated silver for strength and beauty. The finished result is a sparkling and intr9icate set that stands out and will draw attention no matter what it's paired with. Wear them with pride and enjoy the looks of approval or envy that you get from the other ladies around you.

What People Like About This Product:

These Pink Peacock's are beautifully designed for any occasion! Showing off the bright colors just like your eyes!

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