Pink Abstract Cufflinks

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  • Pink Abstract Cufflinks
  • Pink Abstract Cufflinks
  • Pink Abstract Cufflinks
  • Pink Abstract Cufflinks
  • Product ID:CD-438
  • Dimensions:5/8" x 5/8"
  • Retail Price:$54.99
  • Our Price:$24.99
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Product Description

Abstract art has made a great impact on our society with its freedom of expression and the various ways in which it can be interpreted. In this way, even an uncanny blend of patterns or lines can be considered a masterpiece when viewed in an artistic approach. This new pair of 5/8” round cufflinks can also be seen as a work of art because of its mirror-like finish, made by polishing the rhodium silver. A woman’s wardrobe will go perfectly with this set, but that doesn’t mean that strong confident men cannot dare to wear it.

What People Like About This Product:

These cuff links are to say the least, bizarre. The pink is very eccentric and just plain different. Not likely to be seen on others often and very likely to be complimented.

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