Unique Enamel Cufflinks

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  • Unique Enamel Cufflinks
  • Unique Enamel Cufflinks
  • Unique Enamel Cufflinks
  • Unique Enamel Cufflinks
  • Product ID:CD-035
  • Dimensions:5/8" x 5/8"
  • Retail Price:$49.99
  • Our Price:$14.99
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Product Description

A blend of black diamonds and white shapes blend together in a checkerboard pattern on these gleaming cufflinks. They show off silver more than anything, but the black and white make these links very versatile. It doesn't matter if you're wearing pinstripes, a plain shirt or something patterned. This versatile accessory will blend in seamlessly and look like it matches your outfit well. Add this set to your collection and you'll always have a backup plan. These silver cufflinks are highly attractive and pair well with everything in your wardrobe thanks to the different shapes and colors present. They are made from quality craftsmanship and built to last..

What People Like About This Product:

I like the square shape a cuff has especially the colors that fill this cuff. it seems very modern and very bold still.

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