Red Squares

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  • Red Squares
  • Red Squares
  • Red Squares
  • Red Squares
  • Product ID:CD-362
  • Dimensions:5/8" x 5/8"
  • Retail Price:$54.99
  • Our Price:$24.99
  • You Save:$30.00 (54.6%)
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Product Description

With this swell pair of cufflinks, you are bound to outfit all the other gentlemen in your office. Their centerpiece design is represented by a touch of red enamel, poured into a 5/8 sized square shape on a rhodium silver mount. It was then put through a seemingly elaborate hand-finishing and polishing process, which is where it gets its dazzling shine from. Also, the product has been thoroughly verified for flaws in workmanship, so we can guarantee that you will receive an item of the highest quality and durability. Now, is there anything holding you back from adding this exquisite cufflink to your collection?

What People Like About This Product:

The simple and bold color combination of sliver and red with equal representation of the two is hard to match in terms of beauty.

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