MOP Gold Tuxedo Set

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  • MOP Gold Tuxedo Set
  • MOP Gold Tuxedo Set
  • MOP Gold Tuxedo Set
  • MOP Gold Tuxedo Set
  • MOP Gold Tuxedo Set
  • MOP Gold Tuxedo Set
  • Product ID:CD-518
  • Dimensions:5/8" and 3/8" dia.
  • Retail Price:$74.99
  • Our Price:$39.99
  • You Save:$35.00 (46.7%)
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Product Description

This wonderful and simple set of cufflinks is exactly what you need for your outfit to look impeccable at the next celebration you are going to attend to. This handsome formal set consists of one pair of cufflinks and four shirt studs mounted on a 14-karat gold-plated mount, on which is placed a mother of pearl as a centerpiece. The diameter for the large cufflinks is 5/8, while the complementary studs are sized at 3/8. The beauty and elegance lies in their simplicity, making them an undeniably delicate addition to your collection. The set comes with a great product warranty, so you can rest assured that this pair of cufflinks will not deteriorate in any way.

What People Like About This Product:

a beautiful tuxedo set. these cuffs are really nice and so beautifu to look at. I really would buy these for someone.

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