Buffalo Nickel Cuff links

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  • Buffalo Nickel Cuff links
  • Buffalo Nickel Cuff links
  • Buffalo Nickel Cuff links
  • Buffalo Nickel Cuff links
  • Buffalo Nickel Cuff links
  • Buffalo Nickel Cuff links
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  • Dimensions:7/8" in diameter
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Product Description

A true piece of American history, the buffalo nickel, or Indian head nickel , depicts a proud, dignified Native American who is said to be a composite of the faces of several different individuals. On the "tails" side is another iconic symbol of early America, the American bison. These five-cent coins are highly valued by collectors because of the beautifully rendered likenesses. The Cuff-Daddy artisans did justice to these historic coins, mounting them on a sturdy gold-plated base, with intricately detailed silver and gold braiding around the edges of the coins. One link displays the Indian head side, while the other link shows the buffalo. Very nicely done, these links will look great with your business attire, a more casual shirt-and-slacks style, or an elegant formal look. People will most certainly notice these distinctive cufflinks, and compliments will be coming your way! NOTE: Please know that the date can vary on the coins used in making these cufflinks so you will likely not receive the date shown. Thanks for your understanding.

What People Like About This Product:

These cuff links, decorated with real buffalo nickels, will be a wonderful novelty now, and in the future as these coins become even scarcer.

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