Old School Movie Camera

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  • Old School Movie Camera
  • Old School Movie Camera
  • Old School Movie Camera
  • Old School Movie Camera
  • Product ID:CD-717
  • Dimensions:7/8" x 7/16"
  • Retail Price:$59.99
  • Our Price:$28.99
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Product Description

We rarely use pewter in our designs, but when we do, we are always amazed by how beautiful the result can be. For the production of this item, pewter was cast into a ready-made movie camera mold. Once it hardened, our skilled craftsmen worked out the design details to perfection. Each pair was meticulously crafted by hand for a personal touch and to ensure quality craftsmanship. The result is a stunningly accurate miniature replica of an old-school movie camera which is then plated in pure silver and buffed to a quality finish. Order yours right now and get the movie rolling as soon as possible!

What People Like About This Product:

The detail in this tiny camera is amazing. This looks just like a old Hollywood camera. This is something that shows love for the craft of cinema.

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