Going away from sports, fatherís day sets can include the moving or non moving Steam punk cufflink. This particular item offers the inner workings of an old style clock which might appeal to your father the mechanic or engineer. If Steam punk seems too sci-fi for your favorite father perhaps a chopper motorcycle set will be more to the point. There are a range of mechanical options from Formula One cufflinks to disc brake sets.

You also have a choice to tell your father just how much you care about him with a cufflink set by choosing the Dad cufflinks. This cute pair is a red jersey style shirt with Dad and the numeral one. It makes the message clear just how much you care about your dad.

While many of the cufflinks are based on hobbies, sports, and career options you also have the Infinity silver tone which tells your dad how long you plan on caring about him!

Fatherís Day Cufflinks

Men enjoy a great gift whether it is for a special event or no, but this fatherís day if you wish to impress your father, consider getting him a pair of cufflinks. Cuff-daddy.com offers a range of choices in link sets that can move or simply reflect something they truly love.

Many of the fatherís day cufflinks are based in hobbies or careers like the silver golf club links which have a golf ball and club on each post. There is also the football set in sterling silver that reflects this favorite hobby or sport.

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