Martini Cufflinks

  • Martini Cufflinks
  • Martini Cufflinks
  • Martini Cufflinks
  • Martini Cufflinks
  • Product ID:CD-702
  • Dimensions:5/8" x 1/2"
  • Retail Price:$59.99
  • Our Price:$29.99
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Product Description

You more than likely deserve a fine martini after all that work you do during the day. A good martini is great for when youíre just looking to relax. Of course, itís also a great drink at parties - including office parties. This cuff link set will remind you that no matter what youíre going through in the workplace or in life, thereís always that martini waiting at the end for you to enjoy. This martini glass set features a pewter body and a small raised spot for the olive. A gold-plated toothpick is also included to add an extra bit of detail. Too bad this martini isnít drinkable... although if it were, we wouldn't have any left to sell!

What People Like About This Product:

Very James Bond look. This is a classic martini with one olive. It is a creative design. I like the detail in the glass and the olive is a great touch.

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