Cuff-Daddy's Guide To Style – Cufflinks And Beyond

Although we specialize in cufflinks, we know they're only one component of great style. Pants are usually a requirement, too. The good news about cufflinks is that they're an extremely versatile accessory (it's why we love them so much), at home at a swanky black tie affair, a romantic date or a night of bar-hopping with the guys. To that end, our team of fashion experts hit the lab to concoct a primer on cufflinks (and the rest of your attire, too) that we call Cuff-Daddy's Guide To Style.

If there's one cufflinks conundrum that's more contentious than any other, it's whether or not it's cool to wear French cuffs with casual dress. One side argues that links are too formal; the other contends that cufflinks look great no matter what. What side are we on? Well, just look at our name.

When it comes to fashion, we think Tim Gunn has it right: the most important rule is, “make it work.” If you want to pair up your cufflinks with khakis or a pair of jeans, go for it. If it looks good, you won't hear any complaints. Obviously, some fashion choices are just never going to pan out, so we suggest keeping your french cuffed shirts and fancy, Euro-inspired silk knot cufflinks away from your sweatpants.

If you're going to rock the 'cufflinked but casual' look, make sure that the rest of your attire matches. No jeans you wore to change your oil or mow the lawn, guys.

Do you have to wear a tie? It's negotiable. If your French cuffed shirt is a solid color that isn't very dynamic, then a tie is a great way to add a point of interest to your ensemble (and your cufflinks are another one), and those points are what gets you noticed. If you're wearing a patterned shirt or a bright color, feel free to forgo the tie. If Brad Pitt can get away with it, so can you.

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Cuff-Daddy's Guide To Style: Cufflinks and Beyond

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