Blue Turntables

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  • Blue Turntables
  • Blue Turntables
  • Blue Turntables
  • Blue Turntables
  • Product ID:CD-283
  • Dimensions:5/8" square
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Product Description

For the music lover in your family or the coworker that cannot stop humming a classic tune, give Blue Turntables cufflinks during the holiday season. Nine miniature turntables of different blue shades embed on each of the large rhodium silver squares that attach to polished mounts. The tiny turntables reflect brilliantly colored light inside of dance clubs that roll mirror balls. Your musician friends can wear this pair of cufflinks attached to a shirt that only a rock star should wear. These cufflinks come with the Cuff Daddy product guarantee.

What People Like About This Product:

i think the blue turn tables is really great. they are very cool looking and hip i really like them.

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