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7/8" x 1/4"

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This one goes out to all the baseball, soccer, football, and other outdoor sports fanatics out there! These cufflinks features a pair of cleats footwear design made out of rhodium-plated silver and sized to 7/8Ēx1/4Ē which is just right to make it noticeable on your wrists and not to overwhelm you overall ensemble. We even gave it a dash of black enamel to liven up the white metal although we intentionally did not put a name brand on it because we wanted to remain neutral and not want to hurt any shoe manufacturerís feelings. Kidding aside, this highly polished pair mightl not make you a sports superstar but it will definitely make you look like a smart dresser. What are you waiting for? Place your orders today!

What People Like About This Product:

  • The design of these cufflinks is sleek and shiny. These are perfect for soccer fans! Definitely a must have for this one.

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