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8" x 4.25" x 2"

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This product offering has already caught the attention of all the cufflink aficionados out there. This handsome cufflink storage box appears to be wrapped in space age carbon fiber with a soft velvet lining on the inside to protect your precious collection. In fact, it is just a print on the outside of the box that resembles carbon fiber. Itís dimension of 8Ēx4.5Ēx2Ē can safely store 8 pairs of your most valued cufflinks which you can then take on the road with you for those out of town events or meetings with clients. If you or someone you know has a certain set of cufflinks distinct from the rest, then those should certainly be placed in a special box such as this one.

    What People Like About This Product:

    • I love the carbon fiber style of this cufflinks box. I like that it has eight compartments and a soft velvet lining.

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